When is a cable label not a label?

When is a cable label not a label? when the handheld machine runs out of tape.


This week on-site nothing to do with structured cabling, just a visit to check out a new location for an office space. Then in the corner of my eye, I see UTP moving out of a box into the ceiling, and being the great structured cabling engineer I am I started feeding the cable until the cabling tech came round the corner at which time I explained who I was and hope it helped.

Then 5 minutes later I noticed the tech on the phone about labels, I had to ask what the problem and his tape had just run out, I have a great solution for you I explained I have some WACL-49 cable labels in my bag for samples find a printer and we print you some out.


On the smartphone to our web-based printing software www.printmycablelabels.com and after a couple of minutes he had his cable labels ready and had saved his PDF file, round the corner we found the reception lady and email the PDF to her PC, (would not let us connect directly) well she opened the PDF and put the cable label sheet in the top tray, DONE.

The tech was over the moon and this saved him a 2 hour round trip to refill the handheld machine, plus he could finish the job.

The next day we received an order from his company and looking forward to more business in the future.

Our cable label sheets have proved time and time again to be the best solution for cable label printing, which we should know as over the years on our entire project we have had cable label sheets in the projects.

Tech Cable labels

Our Tech Cable label sheets are the best for structured cabling and as you should know by now, we just don’t sell them we use them every day.

We made the Tech cable labels to stand out from the rest, looking back at some of the washed-out labels you can see how much better ours are. 

You can see why we made our own cable label sheets, the one on the left is our new and high-tech WACL-49 cable labels made from the best materials and not just white and bright, but very very good.

The one on the right is our old supplier as you can see it is washed out in fact if you look hard you can’t even see the labels. These labels went very badly and we had no option but to drop them and make better and more cost-effective cable label sheets in the USA.

This linked with our great printing software make our labeling system great when you look at what we have used and we still moving forward with more great labels coming very soon.

We make and distribute the most quality-driven cable labels designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world.