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Adding Text

Our web-based software is FREE with no sign-up so you may use it as many times as needed for your cabling project.

From any link on our websites in the USA, Canada, UK, and South America, the opening page will show you a basic Tutorial, Tips, and FAQ to help you with your cable labels. On this page, we run through the operation of each area.

When you have selected your labels click on the ADD TEXT button which will add a box to the print area.

You may then change the text in the box in the bottom text section, you may add numbers or text for your cable labels and they will be ready for you to position the text on the label area.

Once you have the text you want in the bottom box, which can be one, two, or more lines. you can then drag the text to size using the corners. Just hold the mouse over the part you would like to drag, click and drag to the size you need.

Remember that text cannot fill to the edges, as all printers are a little bit different some space should be around the text.

You will be also able to change the type of font used in the drop-down list. The text area at the bottom has many functions.

Opacity can be used to make the text lighter or more see-through if you wanted to show a watermark. Color can be changed when using a color laser printer.

Snap Rotate, will enable you to move the text sideways or 45 degrees, or even upside down.

Align, standard left, right, center, and Justify which makes the text area better to manage. Vertical Spacing, allows you to set the top-to-bottom spacing in a very easy way. Fill, will color the text area you are working on to any color. Bold and Italics will change the text with one click.

The Copy button will copy the whole text section, for multi-lines of the same. If needed you can also import text from Excel if you needed, this can be mixed and matched on each cable label with fixed text, excel imports, and background colors as needed.

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