LSL 77

LSL 77 Laser printable Wrap-around labels

These cable labels are designed to wrap around the cable, laminating themselves as they are applied to create durable, easy-to-read cable labels. Coupled with new and unique self-laminating laser labels designed to cope with the increasingly harsh environments that network cabling has to tolerate.

LSL 77 Ziptape
LSL 77

Our cable labels spend their lives on twisted cables, exposed to high temperatures or harsh cooling, depending on their specific location within a site. So traditional cable labels are frequently pushed to their limits of adhesion.

The newly improved labels print well to give high-quality, crystal-clear print that is easy to read and will run through Laser printers without jamming or wasted labels. In addition, they are thinner, more flexible, and have upgraded adhesive for superb performance and greater adhesion in both normal and harsher environments.

LSL-77 Cable Labels Laser Printable around $1.99 per sheet
LSL-77 Cable Labels are Laser Printable for around $1.99 per sheet

Designed for printing on a Laser printer, the top third of the cable labels being the print area, and the bottom two-thirds of our cable labels are clear polyester which over-laminates the printed part once applied.

Finding the right cable labels for your projects is super important that’s why we have the right size cable labels. Printed for free on any laser printer along with free samples, and free software saving you lots of time and money.

Laser Printable LSL-77 Cable Labels

Made from adhesive polyester, suitable for all standard Laser printers, and Made in the USA.

Various software templates are available online or by email
Polyester material service temp -40F to 302F (-40C to 150C)

LSL-77 Cable Labels Laser Printable around $1.99 per sheet
cable labels

Cable labels are used by many industry professionals who need a durable, long-lasting way of labeling their wires and cables. IT departments find them essential when networking a building or organizing a server room. Many electricians use wire labels on their projects to allow for easy identification when revisiting a project in the future. Cable labels can also be re-purposed for use in medical applications and on lab equipment.

One of our most popular self-laminating wrap-around labels. Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, Patch Cords,  CCTV Applications, and all data communications cabling. Ideal for Cat 5/6/7, W 1.00 in x H 1.33 in x Print H 0.50 in x Wire Dia (low) 0.16 in x Wire Dia (High) 0.26 in x Wire Gauge 0.16 in. – 0.26 in.

LSL-77 (49 Labels per Sheet)

Download LSL 77 Test Sheet

Word Template LSL 77

Excel Template LSL 77

pdf Specification LSL 77

Web-Based Software

Width 1.00
Height 1.33
Print H 0.50
Labels per sheet 49
Fits Cable Diameter : 0.160" - 0.264" or 4.07 mm - 6.71 mm
AWG 6 - 2

It can be printed using the Templates Page or with our FREE Web Printing Site 

Please note:  Each LSL 77 sheet contains 49 Labels. 10 sheets you will net 490 labels, 20 sheets = 980, etc.

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