Quality driven wrap around wire markers

    Quality driven wrap around wire markers designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. To understand every technician's requirement and offer one on one support. Made for most wire labeling and Cat6, cat 5, patch cord labels, network labeling, these new labels as the best cable labels. This is a new design that helps the Technician install the labels in hard locations and the curse edge help the start of the labels in the cabinets and small places that the Techs work.

    They are thinner, more flexible and have upgraded adhesive for superb performance and greater adhesion in both normal and harsher environments for your wire labeling. Designed for printing on a Laser printer, the top third of the wire markers being the print area, and the bottom two-thirds of our wire markers are clear polyester which over-laminates the printed part once applied.


    Cable labels LSL 77

    Cable Labels

    Our Laser printable Cable Labels are ideal for multi-purpose labeling projects that can benefit from self-laminating labels.

    They are manufactured using a clear polyester film with an ink receptive print area. labels The film is coated with a permanent, UV-resistant, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Our labels are backed with a two-sided, poly coated, printable, lay flat release liner. The film is approved for indoor/outdoor use with occasional exposure to oil and water. Suitable for all standard office laser printers.  Cat 5, Cat 6, USB, Thin VGA, CCTV Applications, RJ6, RJ11

    for Cat 5/6/7 and 10G - W 1.00 in x H 1.33 in x Print H 0.50 in x Wire
    Dia (low) 0.16 in x Wire Dia (High) 0.26 in x Wire Gauge 0.16 in. - 0.26

    Can be printed using the Templates Page or with our FREE No Registration Web Printing Site

    Please note:  Each LSL 77 sheet contains 49 Labels. 10 sheets you will net 490 labels, 20 sheets = 980, etc.


    Cable labels | Wire Markers

    The right cable label can make all the difference in your quality and efficiency when completing a project. But, how do you ensure you’ve selected the best one.

    Ask for samples and give them a go, once you try our quality labels you will always use them on your installation. Our selection of wrap-around cable labels and wire markers are second to none. Price and quality are better than any other out on the internet.


    Time to upgrade

    Time to upgrade. Today’s business struggle to find the right cable labels for their projects, we have the right size cable labels that can be printed for free on any laser printer, with free samples and free software saving you lots of time and money.

    We have used all the manufactures cable labels with our installation cabling across the world, the UK they are either expensive or just washed out cheaply manufactured. We now make and install the best cable labels and our prices are great, the quality better than the rest and yes upgraded.

    Try them for free and our software too.


    Time to upgrade your cable labels

    So you are still paying for expensive #cablelabels now is the time to change and start using our great products.

    Time after time we have customers on the phone asking will your labels Jam, is your software FREE and we are first to let them know how we can help. So some suppliers just make and sell cable labels with with claims of quality and use, but we use our own cable labels every week on our own installations. Our software is FREE and we supply many sheets of FREE samples every day, why because we know our cable labels are better than the rest.

    The UK made products are far too expensive or just bad quality, the other in the USA just over priced for cable labels, we make sure you get the best quality and the best prices.

    Try our great cable labels for FREE.

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