Why our Cable Labels are great

Why Cable labels are great

You know that cable labels and printing them is just something you will have to do at sometime, you may only have a few around the office or at home or a complete structured cabling network to label, either way we are your best and most cost effective solution.

WE now have locations in the USA | UK | Canada and South America so who is better positioned to sell you your cable labels, our competition does not even come close.

Lets talk about our competition, yes we know who they are in Canada | USA | UK and South America and they all sell through distributors, what this mean to YOU, there sales is ripping you off, yes ripping you off.

Having got rid of some of these real bad companies they offer distributors 35 – 40 % re seller margin for re selling the products “we do not” they could sell you direct at these prices and even have their expensive price on the web sites. What this means is they cost you more than our labels, that why we sell a better price.

We are a network cabling installers and we moved into the labeling market to save money and we did it so well.. we now one of the fastest growing cable labeling companies around the world.

Distributors just take your money for the same price you could buy from them direct, they offices offer no support and have no practical experience of any labeling project. Most of them are just sales people, it about time we asked how many cabling installations have you installed.

When you deal with Network Connections group USA you get our great labeling companies Cable Label USA | Cable Labels Canada | Cable Labels UK and what more our Software if FREE on the web.

cable labels USA

So use our FREE web based software with no sign up at all, go to our competitors web sites and they ask you for all your details to use your information and all you get is a windows based program that does not work on a Mac or any other device.

Free version is the most BASIC software our FREE web based software is always up to date and FULL version, also want something adding to the software, just ask and we add it for FREE.

TCL49-49You need to change and use our cable labels, you save money and get better service and we are based in the USA so we offer lots of tech support with our UK office having support until after midnight.

Cable labels over 10 or more sizes.

FREE web based software with no sign up.

Just about 24 hour support.

Fully qualified cabling engineers.


We have used our competitors labels for many years, now we know how bad they are we make our own cable labels and patch panel labels, we use the TOP engraved label guy in the world and we know how the other companies are ripping you off for around 35% to 45%