When things are not made well, you going to find out.

When things are not made well, you going to find out.

When things are not made well, you going to find out.

Having worked in electrical and data communication for a while now, I think we know what is good and bad. We spend our time now printing our great new made in the USA labels and we use them to replace the old cable labels that are not made very well.

The old supplier’s labels just are no good, made in the UK backwards from 2014 we understood they had problems and many printer Jams later we decided enough and dumped them.

Now we print our cable labels as happy people and have a great product line with new labels coming very soon. Our Tech Cable Labels are already a award winning cable label for this last year and with new sizes and some extra special labels coming soon we be having a great 2016.

cable labels

On another point don’t forget we have web based FREE “no sign up” label printing – yes no sign up, just use it if you want when you want from any device.

web based label-printing software

Our competitors software – well “windows only” “free for 3 – 5 days” “download on to one PC” and sign up if you dare over 15 questions, then you’re on the mailing list forever

The last time I used is it crashed with some error message back in 2014 and most of these labeling PC based software the code was done back in 2008 / 07.  So the tech needs some more labels printing on site, has to find a PC to download a .zip file (not going to happen) So you send him the file.. Can’t print without the software on a PC and these problems even before the low quality labels.


cable labeles usaOur solutions work with any smart phone or tablet even a PC can run our software windows or Mac, make no difference it will work, send the label files to your tech in a .pdf format and print to any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi laser printer right from your smart phone or tablet.

That’s what we are talking about.

We love our products and software and work with them every day, we are cabling tech’s and understand your patch panels and data jacks.

We will beat and out perform any competitor with service and price.