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Cable labels USA has been providing cable labeling solutions to the structured cabling, electrical and low Voltage industries for over the last few years. We are a young modern company continuously making our labeling software the best web-based FREE software to print your Cable labels.

Our Tech Cable Labels are self-laminating wrap around cable labels, laminating themselves as they are applied to create a durable, easy-to read best cable label in the USA.

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We have more sizes than other USA vendors and our labels are made to a better quality and since our main company is one of the top structured cabling in the USA and UK with over 65 cruise ships fully installed we know which cable labels are the best.

We have used many of the vendors in the USA over the years and they all failed at some point, only our top designed cable labels have managed to last over 10 years, while the other came off or lost the text on the labels.

We are also a designer of labels and supplier to CommScope, which means our cable labels and other labels meet and exceed the highest quality and that is why we now supply the top companies in the world and now the USA.

This week we have acquired three new customers in the West area and two in NE all with great names and we look forward to growing our company in the USA.