The best Cable Labels in USA

When we started building our cable labeling business back in the USA we wondered how it would perform, well the news is its great and we now are selling big orders in the USA every week.

Cable labels USA

Having dumped our supplier in the UK, our new USA customers love our support and customer service only the other day one told me how come your guys can answer the phone and E mail well into the night and your competitors, nothing. Well it’s called customer service and we offer just about 24 hours of it every day and even through the weekend, even help our old suppliers customers out with their old windows based software, last month we took two calls for the old supplier even helping them work out about two lines and printing problems.

Forget them old software and old crappy labels, we have web based labeling printing software for cable labels and more, the bottom line is our web based software will work on all devices  across all platforms our competitor will not.

What this mean for you is ease of use 24 hours web based software and 100% up to date all the time and no sign up or sign on how great is that, so you need some samples to test, just drop me a line with your name and address and we mail you some ASAP.

cable labels

Our cable labels in the USA are better made and more cost effective than anyone in the USA, yes we are great at what we do and the cable labels are the same ones that our tech’s use every month on structured cabling project across the world, our very own Tech cable Labels are always the top of the shopping list on a structured cabling project and our new 3D CAD estimation web based software will go live soon, will link to labeling direct from the CAD to print your labels. Also Outlet and Patch Panel labels coming soon.