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So our new TCL-49 cable labels are the top seller in the USA, we make sure the quality is 100% and with our life time guarantee for the label in service they are #1.

Cable labels USA

We have used and sold many cable labels over the years around the world in trains, planes and ships all with results that have made our company think!. A couple of years ago when we had problems with our UK supplier with quality and many levels, bad die cutting, printer jams and customers telling me the labels come off we had to do something. The problem and I mean the Problems with our UK suppliers was great, if it was not packing or jams we always needed credits for faulty stock and our poor customers re printing labels and problems with the PC based software, let just say the old UK supplier did not hit the Mark.

new cable labels

So our new TCL-49 cable labels came (49) per sheet and much less cost that the old suppliers and the quality was great, after many tests and our new patented curved leading edge is now selling and performing great. We have these labels installed in many places from Cruise ship to wind farms off the coast of the USA.

We have just had them tested and used by ABB | Atkins | and three top USA structured cabling firms in the UK and Scotland, this along with our new design make this labels way ahead of the competition in the USA and the world and with our FREE no sign up any device software we are providing our customer 100% customers service. Our support lines are open for around the clock to way past midnight in the UK.

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We are offering FREE samples to test, just drop a line at the bottom with your details and we put them in the post, FREE web based software “no sign ups” and we make sure everything works great for you.