Some news Up dates

This week we have been working on the structured cabling module for 3D CAD Estimation, so that it will auto place the items from rack to jack outlets.


The plan will enable you to draw your building basics and place the cabinet IDF then just press Auto place and the web based software will fill up the drawing with preset items like a data jack every 6ft and conduits in the wall and ceiling.

We also adding a couple of more cable labels for our labeling solutions, cable labels USA has the new LSL 70 and LSL 75 are already ready for purchase at the web site Cable Labels USA.

sales have been great this week on both these new items.

We will be adding to Canada and the UK next week, these new cable labels are for very small form cables and work great on small panel cables etc. We have a couple of customer who use these sizes by the thousand every month, so we are putting them on all our sites over the next few weeks.