Sheet labeling

We all read with interest some posts on social media about sheet labels vs handheld and it’s all very interesting. First I understand some people have never pulled a cable in their life or worked on-site until the late hours and that is the bottom line of which is the best.

Some points that need correcting.

Our software is FREE and easy to use, plus our competitors have the same deal (FREE and easy to use) Phone | PC | WEB | No training required.

Printing on any laser printer, (not inkjets) on-site or not you can always find a printer, we have worked in every place in the world and never had a problem printing labels on site with our sheets.

Human error or extra labels, not a problem we print on site or if 300 labels we send to site the following day. The tech knows how to deal with it and its even part of the system is that when we revisit the site years after we overprint all the labels by a % for future growth, so we always have spare labels in the cabinets.

We also leave a bunch of labels with the “IS” team on-site and show the data center guys how to print changes on the cable etc.

Space on the labels, we can fit five lines of server number on most labels and it only depends on how good your eye work to the amount of information. Plus our laser printer sheets do logo’s and colors.

Full sheet, yes on very small installation and changes may be some blanks, but our techs are the best and will fill it up with other stuff “server” “1” through “10” so they be used and our labels are very cost effective for a sheet of 49 labels the cost is like $0.02.

The cost of the sheet labels and FREE software and time is nothing on any installation 25 to 1000 drops, in fact if you do a cost to cost on sheets labels vs hand held the sheet labels is like 48% more cost effective.

On a personal note as a business owner, installer cable pulling world installer handheld printer doesn’t even come close to being cost effective. When we used on site the got stolen, the batteries failed or my favorate ” the cartridge has run out”

So ask your handheld printer supplier to try it for free, we do our software is FREE and get some of our free samples.