Peel and stick service for cable labels

We sell thousands of sheets of cable labels sheets each month and we also print labels for our customers.

Our site ready labels help you the customer by saving time and your cable labels sheets arrive on site just to peel and stick.

Although it may look expensive, we save all the time in your office of setting up the details and printing many cable labels sheets, we have just completed a work order for 12000 cable labels to be printed and this made me think of checking out the cost.

Our price for 12000 cable labels printed and sent to site over night was $1250.00 for around 250 cable labels sheets.

The customer told me they were thinking it would be better to print on their hand held printers on site and when I explain the cost of this we had the order to print the cable labels.

Even if you had your own hand held printer which ranges in price from $80.00 to $600.00 the killer of the projects are the cartridges prices @ around $21.00 for 18ft which will make around 120 cable labels only.

12000 / 120 = 100 hand held cartridges @ say $18.00 bulk price $1800.00 just for the hand held cartridges. The man hours to print these are in the area of 13 hours @ $15.00 / hrs min another $720 in man hours total cost for hand held printing $2520.00.

A cable labels sheets cost-saving of over $1000.00, so any cable labels printing over 25 cables should be done on laser cable label sheets.

Simply send us your number sequences and we will supply the printed wrap around labels in an easy to use sheet format.

The labels have a strong adhesive backing so they will not fall off. When applied, the cable label self laminates to protect the printed surface.

Our company provides you with the best and most cost effective labeling products and wire marking. Our FREE web based labeling software and templates give you the label printing tools for FREE to printing your cable labels.  Same day standard fixed price shipping with FREE samples and tech support.

We understand cable labels and have many years experience of the best wire markers and communications labeling across the world in many projects from normal structured and Network Labeling cabling systems to the top rated cruise ships, trains, and NASA.

  • Cable Labels around $1.99 per sheet.
  • Free Web-based Printing software with no sign-up.
  • Same day shipping and Saturday shipping.

new cable labelsWe make and distribute the most quality driven wrap around wire markers designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. To make the most technician friendly and easy to use cable wire marking for cabling engineers. To understand every technician’s requirement and offer one on one support. Made for most wire labeling and Cat7, Cat6, Cat 5, patch cord labels, network labels, and new wire markers make these best cable labels.

cable labels USAHigh quality, crystal clear print that is easy to read and will run through Laser printers without jamming or wasted labels. They are thinner, more flexible and have upgraded adhesive for superb performance and greater adhesion in both normal and harsher environments for your wire labeling. Designed for printing on a Laser printer, the top third of the wire markers being the print area, and the bottom two-thirds of our wire markers are clear polyester which over-laminates the printed part once applied.

cable label LSL 78

Our Laser printable wrap around markers are ideal for multi-purpose labeling projects that can benefit from self-laminating like patch cord markers. They are manufactured using a clear polyester film with an ink receptive print area. The film is coated with a permanent, UV-resistant, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Our labels are backed with a two-sided poly coated printable lay flat release liner. The film is approved for indoor/outdoor use with occasional exposure to oil and water.

These products are used by hundreds of industry professionals who need durable, long lasting, permanent sheets for network labeling and marking with the added protection of a self-laminating, polyester wrap. These are perfect for networking and telecom installations as well as medical, lab applications and patch cords. Our film is specially designed for use with small cables such as fiber optics and thin VGA cables. Wire marking these types of cable is hard, old type cable marking is expensive and does not meet the new network labeling standards.

Our products are made in the USA to support the structured cabling installations for all Network labeling, the quality is better and cost less than any USA or European competitors, our printable laser sheets are the best-made quality. Over the years we have worked out the best solutions and labeling software that help you with all marking, wire marking linking this with our new labeling software make any cat6 patch cord stand out. Structured cabling with the best wire marking help and saves money in the long run, any Cat6 structured cabling wire markers that are not used or installed will cause problems later, our wire labeling and structured cabling teams know that the best in the market come from cable labels in the USA.

  • Over 11 sizes to fit most installation.
  • The more you buy the more you save.
  • We ship on Saturdays.

In the USA we will provide you with the most cost-effective labeling products. Our FREE web based software and templates give you the printing tools for FREE to printing your laser sheets.  Same day standard fixed price shipping from the USA with FREE samples and tech support. We give the best support for any wire labeling project from a few wire labels to a full structured cabling installation.

Tested by Cabling our own technicians and printed with our FREE web-based software we are labeling experts and only use the product our own Tech’s use every week.