Our New labels working great

New labels are going great and we have a couple of new customers who have already used them for the products with the small form factor size labels.

Some of our labels have also been used in some new and great places, our customer in NJ has used some of our labels for wire markers plus small wire list for the engineers who use them, many new and great ideas and we plan to expand our label range very very soon with four more great labels and some new software linked products that will blow your mind.

cable labels

Our company provides you with the best and most cost effective labeling products and wire marking. Our FREE web based labeling software and templates give you the label printing tools for FREE to printing your cable labels.  Same day standard fixed price shipping with FREE samples and tech support.

We understand cable labels and have many years experience of the best wire markers and communications labeling across the world in many projects from normal structured and Network Labeling cabling systems to the top rated cruise ships, trains and NASA.

  • Cable Labels from $1.89 per sheet.
  • Free Web based Printing software with no sign up.
  • Same day shipping.
Cable Labels
49 Cable Labels $1.89

We make and distribute the most quality driven wrap around wire markers designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. To make the most technician friendly and easy to use cable labels for cabling engineers. To understand every technicians requirement and offer one on one support. Made for most wire labeling and Cat6, cat 5, patch cord labels, network labeling, these new labels as the best cable labels.