Our Customer service is doing great

We have some new plans for this year which include new cable labels to fit most products in the structured cabling market. We also are looking at expanding our software line up to offer more web based services to our customers needs.

cable labels usa

Our customer service is always on top; this week once again we have helped some of our competitors customers free of charge, the problem is our competitors have very little of no support for their customer base, if you sell products in other counties you should have support to cover that time zone.

This week I was asked by a competitor’s customer who rang me for help printing some cable labels because it was lunch time USA and they had all gone home in the UK, he told me a message was left many hours ago and no one e mailed him or called him back. I explained this was normal and one of the reasons we dumped them as a supplier.

I explained about how we could help him and save him over 45% on his cable labeling and we the use of our FREE software for printing cable labels he could do great things with it more than the current 2008 version of the software on his PC.

When I explained our cable labeling software works across all devices he was over the moon, he had a Mac at home, so now he could work on his cable labels any time he needed, not just on the windows PC back in the office.

cable labels USA

Cable labels and all the parts that make up a great labeling system are now in his hand and it is our great customer service that did that sale over 100 new cable labels sheets sold. Our TCL-49 new look and easy install cable labels had a great review from him, no printer jams like he had before, better price, higher quality and FREE web based software.