News on Tech Cable labels

Our new line of Tech Cable labels is about to go into production, we have new patch panel labels, data jack outlets labels, new fiber tags and may be some more cable labels if, I can pull the time.

Tech Cable Labels Starting with our new and advance Patch panel labels, should just about fit 90% of the patch panels out in the field, we have tested in house and they look great and the cost will be just out of this world. They will be printable in our software and excel import will help users get the job done quick. The Patch Panel labels TCL-10 PP42 will be the best around and you can get them buy the sheet.

Data jacks or outlet labels will cover most of the major ranges and this new label will be flexible enough to be use across all ranges of manufacture and many that just need a new labels TCL-14 DJ100 will also be sold in sheets, so none of that getting stuck with too many for five years and paying the price for that.

Fiber tags labels are still in testing so not too much we can say right now, but they will be great and work so well with our web based software they be so easy to work with.

A couple of new sized cables are on the drawing board right now, watch this space for more information coming.

Cable labels USA will be selling this new range of products from Network Connections Group USA and we love this brand and they are all made for the engineers who use them every day.