New labels

Fiber Tags

We are in the middle of making a new fiber tag, our installations tech’s have always found that labeling fibers to be the most difficult part of the fiber installation.

Having labeled lots of fiber cables and never found a true great solution it was time to make the move, our existing fiber tags work well and we have always made them easy to install and easy to remove.

Fiber tags

The data we have to place on them may change during the life of the structured cabling installation, our standard wrap around cable labels just never fit right. We moved to our current model which works for most fiber cable labels installation, the cost we had to keep down and ease of use.

Our new labels are and will be printed with our web based software which you can use for FREE with no sign up, we hope you like it, we have added import from excel and soon some new features linking the labeling part to our new 3D CAD Estimation design software.

We have been asked for some more space on the fiber labels, so this time they are a bit longer for those server numbers and ports, we hope to have them in production very soon and they will be great and much better than any other fiber labels out in the world today.