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Cable Labels

Our USA cable labels are going down great and we grow our sales every week in all areas, one reason for this is our great web based software and our own brand of top cable labels from Tech Cable labels the leader in new types of labeling for cables and structured cabling project.

new cable labels

This week we have new orders from some of the biggest Universities in the USA for the TCL-49 cable labels; one school was going to use them to replace some of the old cable labels in the server room around the campus.

Our new customers along with a new order for Network Connections Group USA to work alongside and supply the biggest companies around in the TANAP project will greatly help our USA operation.


Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline the planned crude oil pipeline connecting the Black Sea with the Mediterranean.

We will be working with the main contractors this year on the TANAP Oil and Gas project along with the USA business’s which we are expecting to double this year.


We make and distribute the most quality driven cable labels designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. To make the most technician friendly and easy to use cable labels for cabling engineers. To understand every technicians requirement and offer one on one support.

The tech Cable labels brand is a new design of data communications labels, these labels are designed by data communications Tech’s for the data communications market.

We know what the technicians need to complete the job and we have now includes all these into one group of labels which is designed for cabling technicians by technicians with the goal of making life inside that closet more acceptable.

We promise to make your working life better and offer that one on one contact to our staff speaking tech to tech, not sales department or a manufacture who just makes labels, we use and install all our products, we are Tech Cable Labels.

Print My Cable Labels .com

Web Based Cable Label Printing

Our market-leading cable label software is now on line and FREE, you can create labels quickly, reliably. Print my cable labels web software is a powerful tool that allows you to print your own data into predefined standard cable label templates or create customized label layouts to your own design for FREE.

Cable labeling software will cost you hundreds of dollars and needs updating for Windows and Mac all the time, our web based labeling software is free and always up to date.

This new web labeling software will print all our cable labels and we will be adding more products in the future to help you print your labels.