Hand Held Cable Label Printers

Just in case you don’t know me I have worked in structured cabling for a very long time, so when I get an email telling me something new to make the life of the cable installer better I have to read.

The new best thing for labeling your jobs, have to read this.

The new standard in Industrial labeling? Bold statement

Smarter sound good!

Faster, yep you have my attention.

The handheld printer just lost my attention!

Everything for the new all singing hand-held labeling printer is not new, we have had and have for many years, even our competitors have a better solution that hand held printer.

A quick look was deeper.

First printer over 500 $

Small printer over 250 $

Having worked on site for many years with handheld printers, they get stolen, lost, broken and more.

Tapes from 30 $ to 60 $.

So if I purchase the standard printer and 4 x tapes about 500 cable labels $360.00.

You can buy 500 cable labels from Cable Labels CA for less than 25 C$ and our software is FREE and works on your tablet etc.

So if you’re thinking of buying a handheld printer for your cable labels, think long and hard.

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