From Bad to good and now great

Two years ago we dumped our UK supplier of cable labels because of many quality problems with printing and the lack of knowledge of what the guys out in the cabinets and racks need to do a great job on structured cabling.

Now we are selling our own cable labels with great results and we have never looked back with our great labels and software.

Just to check our cable labels are the best of the best we have had some of our WHITE cable labels installed and the UK (SM) labels alongside and after two months the old labels and going dull, ours are still great and white.

Great cable labels

We make our cable labels in the USA and sell now across the world at better prices than anyone else in fact only this month we have out sold our old records.

Our cable labels and wire markers are now on sale in many places and we have a quality second to none, plus we are now selling at a real good price.

So drop me an e mail or visit our web site to find out more:-


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