Customer Service with Cable Labels USA

Customer Service 101

So a funny story this week for customer service, well not so funny but great for our companies. All started with one phone call, is that Sharp*** USA, NO ! was the answer we don’t use or recommend these products anymore.

So just as the customer was about to put the phone down I asked what the problem?, well can’t get any help today for the ****mark software or from there distributor, wire makers something and I need some help.

I explained we moved away from these companies but have many years experience and off we went to fix his problem of printing fixed text and import data into his cable labels. A couple of clicks later we had or they had a happy customers, we did talk for a while about customer service and how we are great and better and I think he understood.

So we don’t mind help our competitors out when they can’t be bothered, that is what make our customer service better along with all our great Made in the USA products.

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