Cable Labels USA #cablelabels

Cable labels are now so very important in any installation or re-fitting of any wire or cabling job around the world.

This is why we make sure that our cable labels #cablelabels are the best on the market around the world, some time ago we use manufacturer or #cablelabels from the UK and although they started out good the one thing they could not handle with quantity.

They jammed in the printer and came apart causing lots of #cablelabel problems, so after many hours of blame we dumped UK manufacturing for some quality USA made products.

Now on the web, you can get cheap cable labels, some from China and lots from the UK, but ours are now in our control which gives us the edge on any other out there in the market.

So we do have the best and most technical #cablelabels in the world, others think they have, but we use our own products in real installations and just don’t sell them with bold statements.


Our company provides you with the most cost-effective labeling products and wire marking products in Canada.

Our FREE web-based labeling software and templates give you the printing tools for FREE to printing your wire markers. Same day standard fixed price shipping from the USA and Canada with FREE samples and tech support.

We make and distribute the most quality driven wire markers designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. To make the most technician friendly and easy to use products for cabling engineers. To understand every technician’s requirement and offer one on one support. Our new TCL 49 Network Cable labels made for most wire labeling and Cat6 networks, these new markers are the best.