Cable Labels Sheets

Cable Label Sheets

Cable labels | Patch panel labels | data jack labels | we know all about them from the crap to the great cable labels we sell, some time ago we used a labeling company based in the UK, while it worked for a while they just did not care enough and after problems with jamming printers, bad die cutting, curling up on the corners, we dumped them.

bent cable labels from uk

Now we have our own range and when I say they are good I mean great and more cost effective, anyways back to the support.

good labels

So why do we get more support calls for our old supplier (can’t say competitor, not even close) after long support call yesterday Friday the 13th  we have the answer and its real funny and talking to the customer who I asked, why do you call me?.

FREE Web based Software

This cable labeling software still used by many was last updated in 2011 and in the support HELP menu you guessed it has our telephone number and e mail address to call for support, why I have no idea and I don’t care it’s the funniest thing ever. So just to check I downloaded the software from the web site today 2016 and yes we are still the support guys for a (can’t say competitor, not even close).

Well we helped the customer with his problem he told me they could not get hold of anyone in the UK or USA and yes was very happy to talk to me. So we checked our own support just to make sure we are the best.

In the UK we have local phone number switched to cover 18 hour periods with support and e Mail support just about 24 hours a day even weekends.

In the USA we have local phone number switched to cover 12 hour periods with support and e Mail support just about 12 hours a day even weekends.

3D CAD Estimation

Our 3D CAD estimation software we have phone support for about 19 hours per day e mail support 24 hours and our new chat in the software which will just about give 24 hour support from Eastern Europe all the way passed PST in the USA.

We also fix things quick and support all questions as I said for anything.

We are also working on a large project to have help material in .pdf and online help build into our software, watch this space.