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Cable Labels

So how many problems with cable labels are quality related, well everyone who make cable labels knows that quality counts. NOT so we have used a UK manufacture through a distributor for over 10 years and the problems of bad quality control are: _

Curling cable labels sheets which do not site right on a level surface, normal caused by bad manufacturing, what this does is because the cable labels to JAM in the printer.

Bad dies cutting, we had three batches of these labels from the UK all had bad cut lines, unsure if it was just me, we took them to a local print manufacture and they confirmed Bad dies.

Leading edge coming off, the printer would pull the leading edge of the cover sheet off, jamming the printer and wracking it.

Glue melting as it goes through the printer and sticking to inside of the rollers, GAS like glue you could see with a spy glass all the lumps of glue, which then pulled the cable labels apart.

So how did we fix these problems, well we dumped the UK manufacture for a USA based one with very high standards and it works.

The old cable labels from the UK cause me lots of problems, the company always blamed the printer and now we have customers using the slow 4 pages per minute to hold the old labels together and our new cable labels are at 50 pages per minute.

Bottom line is we use our cable labels on site ourselves every week and we know how to make them the best, our software is free and web based and our cable labels are the best price.

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Bent cable labels from UK 
Out the box cable labels Made in the UK from old supplier.


These labels are made right flat to the table, great cables labels.





good labels

On the right washed out cable labels


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