Cable labels and wire

Cable labels and cables

So many weeks ago we needed some cable labels on a project down the road, so off we went. We did the jobs ASAP. A week or two later we added some more cable labels to the patch cords and dropped them off at the server site.

This seemed to be going on week after week until we made a deal with the owner of the server farm. We would print and mail these labels each week and send units you tell us to stop. It would seem from the amount of work we are doing that the server farm is to grow every week, so printing the labels goes on.

cable labels USA
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Not to mention we make and distribute the most quality-driven wrap-around wire markers designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. We make the best technician-friendly and easy-to-use cable wire marking for cabling engineers. Also, we understand every technician’s requirement and offer one on one support. Made for most wire labeling and Cat7, Cat6, Cat 5, patch cord labels, network labels, and new wire markers make these best cable labels more cost-effective than handheld printers.

cable labels USA
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Tech cable labels $1.99 – $1.80 per sheet

High-quality, crystal clear print that is easy to read and will run through your Laser printers without jamming or wasted labels. Made thinner, more flexible, and has upgraded adhesive for superb performance and greater adhesion in both normal and harsher environments. Plus our software is FREE, with no signup

Cable labels USA
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Cable Labels and Structured cabling

All the products are made in the USA to support the structured cabling installations for all Network labeling. The quality is better and costs less than any USA or European competitors. Our printable laser sheets are the top best quality. 

Over the years we have worked out the best solutions and labeling software that help you with all marking, and wire marking. Linking this with our new labeling software makes any cat6 patch cord stand out. Structured cabling with the best wire marking helps and saves you money in the long run. Any Cat6 structured cabling. Wire markers that are not used or installed will cause problems later, our wire labeling and structured cabling. Our teams know that the best in the market come from cable labels in the USA.

  • Over 20 sizes to fit most installations.
  • The more you buy the more you save.
  • We ship on Saturdays.