Cable Labels and RJ6

So today from no place our phone line went out, should have guess as the red light was on this morning and red lights are not good.

Since I am the only Tech in the office today it was up to me to fix and once I moved the line to another temp cord and phone our business line was up and working in 3 minutes.

The old line through the ceiling and in the walls was next and I started at the phone end. As soon as I unplugged the phone the RJ6 clip broke off, so cord change and some new labels needed.

I rushed into the other office and printed a page of LSL 71 with our online software – a few minutes only.

The next cord I checked the RJ6 clip broke off, new cord and more labels, the out into the workshop and checked the lines and yes the RJ6 clip broke off.

Every time it was a new cable and our cable labels but soon I ran out of cord, so had to find the RJ6 crimp too and started the changes.

Plugged the tester in and still had a fault back at the office end, which I pulled off the wall and the inside fell apart, it was a good make, but seems that the plastic bits just gave up.

Well over one hour later the line or should I say the outlet jack was fixed, all that was left was to print a couple of LSR 12 labels for the phone jacks, install a couple more cable labels and we all done.

Still have the tech skills.

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