Cable labels and design Software

This week we have had so many changes for some structured cabling projects it has been hard to keep up with some of the changes.

Our cable labels TCL-49 from Tech Cable Labels and our standard LSL 78 have been flying out the company to new projects in USA and UK. We are in the final stages of talk to sign a project that is bigger than anyone at our company has seen for many years.

More news to follow, but it’s a project the other side of the world and includes all cabling of so many parts of the project it’s hard to keep on top right now.

Cable labels are still been sold across the world and our expansion in the UK is growing every week now, with so many links in the UK it soon be time to make a visit back to my home country again to keep on top of the work we have there. Our Tech Cable labels keep getting better and we are working very hard to get the labeling software up to speed @

We are very busy trying to interface our new 3D CAD Estimation software into the labeling business as well as making the 3D software so easy to use; we can make a structured cabling quote in less than 5 minutes.

We have more information as we make progress on all these projects.