Working on a video project and we have twenty questions to answer, so thinking may be interesting to our customers.

How much do they cost = Our cable labels all cost $1.89 per sheet or less = how many labels you need = would you like some free samples to test = all we need is your name and address.

Do you ship overnight = Yes = Our standard shipping is added to your price on check out which is a two-day service in the USA = we offer next day air or two day with UPS = the cut off time is 1.00 pm EST = if you would like a price please email info@cablelabelsusa.com

How many labels on a sheet = Our smallest cable labels have 156 per sheet to very large cable labels only 8 per sheet = We offer Free samples to test please just send you name and address.

Where are the cable labels made = In the USA = Would you like some free samples = We just need your name and mailing address.

Can you use inkjet printers = NO = these are designed for laser printers and inkjets just smudge coming out of the printer = let me know which ones your interested in and we send you some free samples = all we need is your name and address

Can you use a cable label sheet two times in a printer = NO = we do not recommend using a cable labels sheet two times = we will send you some samples for free if you need, just tell us what size = all we need is your name and address

What type of printer can we use = Laser printer only = no multi sheets feeders = straight feed only and have your media set to labels = any problems and you like to test your printer please send your name and address for some samples to test

Can we test some samples = Yes, we just need you name and address for free samples

Are the cable labels waterproof = No water resistent only, will stand a splash or two = if you like to test please just send me your name and address for some free samples.

How do I print them = You can use our free printing software @ www.printmycablelabels.com we also have templates on our web-site = we can demo the software to you, just send your details and we set a time.

What does it cost for you to print our labels = The cost of each sheet plus a small fee for each sheet, if you have your data in a spread sheet that will help = send in your details and we send you a price.

How many lines of text can you print on the cable labels = You can print as many as you can fit on each labels, please check to make sure the data is not over wrapped.

Free samples #cablelabels