How to install the best cable labels

Cable labels

We have had a couple of customer in the last month that had some trouble fitting there cable labels onto the cables. We have checked these out with them and now have them installing the right cable labels with the right methods

Some points that we covered:-

Clean hands

Clean cables

Holding the top part of the labels

Making sure there is enough to wrap around the cables.

Pressing the cable labels see through parts down with your thumb

Not installing and then bending the cable.

All these points help to make a great cable labels installation.

The best cable labels

Now we do work in the real world and many of the cabinets I/we work in still are very dusty and hot, then at that point we could have some problems. We use to have a fan in most cabinets to move the air around which helped, but also blew the labels all over the place.

Our entire tech teams had many ways round this problem, even to moving the cable outside the room before we labeled them and the patch cord always taken into the computer room with some nice AC.

Took a while but I think we have the methods down to a TEE now.

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