Better than the rest Cable labeling software

Cable Labeling Software

Before I start, yes ours is the best cable labeling web-based software out on the web, even beat the ones you pay for. My reason for saying this is that my ideas have been used for the last 15 years in making the software the best for cable labels.

My years in the field and selling all networking products and sticking and printing millions of labels put me way above the rest, now recent even and our breakup from my old supplier may cause me to think about all my great ideas I gave them.

Old Supplier.

Make it FREE (my idea)

Add US letter sizes (my idea)

Add contact information in the software (my idea)

Add split jobs (my idea)

Add “one more can’t say” (my idea)

Add major suppliers (my idea)

Design over 38 labels (my idea)

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New web site coming to web print the cable labels

With Windows 10 coming who knows what will work, the software from some of these companies the core code is years 2011 Very old and will only work on PC with windows or you have to download lots of bug-infested shareware to try making it run on a Mac.

The other cable labeling software companies do offer a free version, but very basic and if you want it up to date and all the features you have to spend between $500 to $2000.00 and will not work on Mac’s or many other platforms and looks like something from windows XP basic when you install it.

So just so we get this right they all over a basic service, but we are the only ones who cross-platform our web software.

We make sure our web-based software is always up to date and we are adding features as quickly as possible to make cable label printing quick and easy.

What we try to do is to make it as easy as possible to do you structured cabling work and now we are just about all web based you can take it with you on your PC – Tablet or smartphone.PC based label printing is very slow and our competitors have not moved with the times in the cable label business. There is one reason for this … they sell labels we are structured cabling engineers and get out on site in the real world.

We are pleased to let you know that our web-based label printing software will now allow you to import from Excel and will now extend to as many pages as needed.

This along with our fixed text and number sequencing make our software will enabling users to produce professional labels using a standard office laser printer, removing the need for expensive custom printers and from any platform or tablet.

No training required

Pre-loaded with our labels and new labels to be added each month

Import your data from spreadsheets

No PC required will work on any web device

Always up to data and Free to use, no sign up’s

Support and help if needed.

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We have the best-engraved labels in USA & UK

Please give it A try.

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