Our wire markers and labels at NASA

Our wire markers and labels at NASA

A very busy week with the NASA expo and many new designs to work with 3D CAD Estimation software, the NASA show was great lots of interest in our new Wire markers and lots of great comments and interest in the 3D CAD estimation software.

Cable labels USA

Our new write and Tag wire markers went down great with lots of give always and hundreds of samples and we love giving samples.

Print My Cable Labels .comPrint My Cable Labels our web based printing software is totally free and we had hundreds of customers loving it and the fact you can use any place and any time (FREE).

Write & Tag all new hand held booklets for the cabling techs to use when pulling the cables and hundreds of new book given out for FREE so that they can test and use this great product.


3D CAD Estimation was the BIG draw with new applications requested from RFDI to pipe fitting and estimation, our cabling services software seems to please all the techs with the five Minute bid and job costing.

TCL-49 our all new laser printable cable labels with 49 labels per sheet, they loved the labels and more request this week.